2017 Touareg rally – Congratulations 

Congratulations to Derrick Edmondson and Neil Ruffle, who came first in their class in during the 2017 Touareg Rally. Jon and Henry Lane took second position. 

Jon and Henry recived off-road desert training from Sabertooth Motorsports earlier in the year and both Derrick and Neil came first in their class at the Dubai International Baja, driving for Sabertooth Motorsports. 

Sabertooth Motorsports competing in the 2017 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge.

Sabertooth Motorsports are proud to announce that they will be competing in the renowned Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, one of the world’s most respected international cross country rallies, due to take place from the 1st April – 6th April 2017.
Initially, competitors will face two days of rigorous documentation checks and scrutinization, before an initial stage on a Saturday 1st April to decide the starting order of the 2017 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. 

The rally then begins an intense driving experience from Sunday morning, when all competitors leave the Rally HQ at the famous Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, to start a grueling five days in the challenging Liwa Desert of the UAE Empty Quarter.

This will be a test of man and machine, in an epic battle to overcome harsh environments and hazardous terrain. The Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge represents the pinnacle of Sabertooth Motorsports training over the past 12 months. 

Sabertooth Motorsports has developed a reputation for competing in tough proving grounds, where they have established trust in their abilities by running Castrol EDGE without hesitation. Its protection and consistency under the stress of cross country rallies, in some of the harshest conditions in the world, keeps Sabertooth Motorsports in the game by providing an edge over their competitors as it helps push performance beyond its limits.

Castrol EDGE proudly supports Sabertooth Motorsports and their participation in the 2017 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge.

All ready to go…

Sabertooth Motorsports is all ready to go for the Dubai International Baja. The stage is set for a fascinating battle of power and tactical duelling powered by Castrol Edge, Sabertooth Motorsports are all set and ready for the start of the event.